Freshman residents must select between the PLATINUM Plan or the GOLD Plan.  Upperclass residents in facilities lacking kitchen access must select one of the following: PLATINUM Plan, GOLD Plan or SILVER plan. Residents living in campus housing with a kitchen may select from any of the options listed below.

The PLATINUM Plan $3,225 per semester: This is the most full service and flexible. It allows students to enter Englar Dining Hall as many times as they want during every meal. In addition to unlimited meals in Glar, students have 75 meal exchanges per semester to eat at The Pub.

The GOLD Plan $3,090 per semester: This plan allows students to eat every meal that is served in Englar Dining Hall. The Gold Plan offers 19 meals per week in Glar and 45 meal exchanges each semester to eat at The Pub.

The SILVER Plan $2,565 per semester: This plan provides 12 meals in Glar per week and 30 meal exchanges per semester. This plan fits well for upper class students living in residential facilities with kitches, who still want the opportunity to dine with their friends at the Glar or in the Pub.

The BRONZE Plan $1,150 per semester: This plan is a good option for students who commute to and from campus. The Bronze plan provides 5 meals in Englar Dining Hall per week and can be used for any mealtime- breakfast, lunch or dinner. Students choose the meal that fits best in their schedule.

What else does the new meal plan include? As added value, all of the options include 3 guest passes per semester and $50.00 in McDaniel Bucks per semester so students can buy food, books or supplies on campus or at off-campus locations that accept the McDaniel Bucks card.